President - Facilitator of the meeting agenda. Primary speaker. Refer to BNI manual for additional information about responsibilities.

Vice President - Manages the Membership Committee; conducts monthly and brief weekly Membership Committee meetings to ensure all Membership Applications are being reviewed and issues are being handled in a timely manner; keeps accurate records of attendance, referrals given and received, visitors, One-to-Ones and closed business; enforces the attendance policy by sending out letters as prescribed and assigning Membership Committee Members to make follow-up phone calls; helps motivate the Chapter to achieve its goals. 

Secretary/Treasure - Tracks, announces and collects new and renewal application and participation fees; maintains speaker rotation for presentations on BNI Connect®; announces the speakers; tracks and collects venue fees, if applicable; provides direction to the Chapter. 

Membership Committee – Delegating the workload for Vice Presidents helps Membership Committee Members take more ownership and responsibility for the best interest of the entire Chapter. Please remember that while delegating these important roles/tasks to a Membership Committee Member, the Vice Present of each Chapter is still responsible for making sure each task is completed in a timely manner. Assign one Membership Committee to each of these four roles: 

Visitor Hosts – Visitor Hosts make a positive first impression on the visitors and substitutes of the Chapter by greeting them with a friendly face, introducing them to Members and giving a brief overview of what to expect during the meeting. Provide Visitor Guide and Chapter Visit Feedback Form and conduct an orientation for all visitors at the meeting. Record visitors and substitutes in BNI Connect® and follow up with the visitors after the meeting. 

Education Coordinator – The Education Coordinator prepares a two to three-minute Networking Education Moment dedicated to reminding Members about BNI® Policies, goals, successes, etc.; and works closely with the President and other leaders to address in a timely fashion issues specific to the Chapter (i.e. inviting more visitors or the attendance policy). 

Mentor Coordinator – The Mentor Coordinator makes sure each new Chapter Member completes the Passport to Success Program by helping the new Member set up One-to-Ones with specific Members who can help them with specific mentoring topics; ensures each mentor has the one page guide to the mentoring topic they are to cover with the new Member; follows up with the new Member weekly to ensure progress is being made. 

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