Meeting Agenda Outline

1. Open Networking
2. Welcome Visitors and Introduce Leadership Team, Membership Committee, Visitor Hosts, Education Coordinator, Event Coordinator, Growth Coordinator and Mentor Coordinator
3. Purpose and Overview of BNI®
4. Networking Education
5. Announce BNI® Network Leaders
6. Pass Business Card Box
7. Welcome New and/or Renewing Members to the Organization
8. Members Introduce Themselves and Give their Weekly Presentation
9. Welcome Visitors to BNI® and Have Members Introduce Them
10. Vice President’s Report
11. Membership Committee Report
12. Secretary/Treasurer Announces Speaker Rotation
13. Speaker(s) Give 5-12 Minute Feature Presentation(s), Including Questions and Answers
14. Referrals and Testimonials
15. Referral Reality Check
16. Secretary/Treasurer’s Report
17. President Thanks Visitors
18. BNI® Announcements, Reminders and Special Reports
19. Door Prize Drawing(s), for Members Bringing Visitors or Referrals
20. Close Meeting

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