Common BNI Terms

Common BNI Terms

One-to-one – A meeting between two or more individuals. These meetings range anywhere between 1-3hrs. Proper one-to-one should not be an opportunity to pitch. You are not there to sell. You are there to simply exchange communication about each other's businesses.

Timer – BNI meetings are very structured and require an actual timekeeper to maintain agenda and meeting adherence.

BNI Meeting –  A local gathering of members of a chapter that occurs once a week and requires physical presence and participation. They consist of about 1-2hrs and during a BNI meeting you will be asked to stand in-front of the group and pitch your business.

BNI Pitch – There's no actual term called BNI Pitch, however, BNI is big on people provide their pitch during meetings. Depending on the size of the chapter this duration is limited to 15-60seconds. If you are visiting a BNI chapter take the time to develop and time yourself to ensure you make good use of your time. 30 member chapters are about 30-40 second pitch requirements. Time yourself. You look unprofessional when you ignore the timer.

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