BNI Palms Report Explained

The BNI Palms Report Explained is the report used to hold BNI members accountable. This is a simple tool to show where your chapters opportunities for improvement are. Below is a breakdown of the different columns and their labels.

bni palms report explained

P=Present (Member was present for meetings)

A=Absent (Member was absent for meetings)

L=Late (Member was late for meetings)

M=Medical (Member was absent for medical reasons)

S=Substitute (Member was absent but provided a substitute)

RGI=Referrals Given Inside (Tier 1, Member to Member Referrals)

RGO=Referrals Given Outside (Tier 2 or higher)

RRI=Referrals Received Inside (Tier 1, Member to Member Referrals)

RRO=Referrals Received Outside (Tier 2 or higher)

V=Visitors (How many visitors have been invited by this member)

1-2-1=Member 1-2-1 Meetings Conducted

TYFCB=Thank You For Closed Business Received

CEU=Chapter Education Units\Continuing Education Units Performed

Note: Usage and description of PALMS columns are defined by country and may vary slightly.

You can find additional information about navigation to this report here.

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