Advanced One-to-Ones

When networking your will be performing one-to-one meeting with people. One-to-ones is an opportunity for both businesses to learn about each other's businesses. During a basic one-to-one each member shares in about 30 minutes who they are, what they do, and what would be a good referral. For BNI a popular introduction is to also talk about how long they've been a member. Good icebreaker for BNI members. Doesn't really contribute to the meet unless it is important that your experience with BNI is relevant.

The truth is that after your first one-to-one no one wants to do another. They know who you are and what you do. What else is there to discuss? An Advanced one-to-one you actually no longer are talking about who each other is or what their business is. They already know that already. This relationship is mature and it's time to accomplish business. You work to support each other and straight up ask how do I get referrals for your business? What are your trigger words? How do I organically bring your business up in conversation.

A common technique is to actually open your calendar and see who you're meeting with that week. Example: "I'm meeting with an estate-planning attorney on Thursday. How would I introduce your business." The other business is a barber. The barber responds: "If their hair is super sharp and or have a beard they would be a great referral. And, a trigger opportunity would be to ask them how they keep their beard." If they respond with "I do it myself" ask if they've thought about having barber do it? You can see where this is going. The idea is to have a natural conversation with a friend, client, family, and recognize opportunities to introduce a referral opportunity.

Review the trigger words forum for more ideas and questions around creating referrals.

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